As a first grader I was discouraged by a second place
ribbon in an elementary competition using patterns in art
(I literally didn’t have my ducks in a row because one
was hungrily diving for fish), so I was pleased when I
won the Virginia Frazer Memorial Award for Watercolor
in 2011.
Bobbie Caton
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Capturing all the vibrancy of nature's
color and energy, Bobbie's personal
exuberance finds its way into every
painting speaking to the playfulness
hiding in all of us.  Her diversity of
style is woven together by the
common thread of cheerfulness.
The Caton Thread
In Her Own Words
Recently, I have been excited about the interactions of spontaneous color
applications while regarding traditional composition. Using a wet on wet
technique with light weight paper and by applying alcohol inks to yupo
paper I’m producing interesting abstracts.
Upon retirement from thirty years as a middle school teacher,
I found watercolor the natural transition from the chaos of the
classroom. Both are unpredictable and sometimes difficult to
My paintings are inspired by the amazing details of nature so
I focus on the close-up nuances of color and shape. My
preference to paint flowers and leaves was probably
influenced by my Grandma Watson who gifted me with
printed sheets of flowers and Venus colored pencils when I
was a child. Oh, how she would love the new coloring craze!
Many of my pieces rely on the
texture of masa paper. This
barn is a collage featuring
vibrant fall trees on crinkled
rice paper.
This colorful basket of hackey sacks was
inspired by a friend’s mission trip to
Guatemala. Sales from the copies of this
painting contributed to the establishment
of a bookmobile in the village.
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