Born in Botetourt County, Dan is married to Charlotte Murray
and lives on a farm near Fincastle, Virginia.  He was a medical
doctor for many years, retiring from practice in 2016.  Dan’s
love of travel, wildlife, and the beauty of everyday surroundings
has inspired his photo artistry.  He loves sharing his photos
with others and trying new techniques for exhibiting his work.
Dan Jones
Dan's work has appeared in magazines and been used by
the National Park Service, and his photographs have won
national, regional, and local awards.  Exhibited in private
homes, businesses and board rooms, and appearing on
calendars and used extensively for Botetourt tourism, his
amazing photographs can now be seen covering the entire
back wall inside Gallery by the James.
A Little About Dan
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The Work
I love to go out and wander the farm after a snow.  On this
particular outing I was fascinated by these little Sycamore
balls, all with a tuft of snow on them, so my immediate title
was “sycamore balls with snow hats.”   Short lived I am sure,
because one whiff of wind or increase in temperature and
their little hats are gone in a moment.  But with photography
there is a phrase to remember:  “seize the moment” because
that moment may be gone forever.  
This is my title for the 611 steam engine photographed in
Bonsack last year.  My father was an engineer on the
Norfolk and Western Railroad many years ago and actually
drove these massive locomotives when they were then
hauling passengers.  I actually got to board the engine with
my dad on several occasions.  It was a sad day when
technology did away with the steam engines and a happy
day when several were restored and are now once again
running excursions.  Standing near the tracks to do this
photo gave one a sense of the power of these engines.  
They truly do thunder when they come by.
I grew up in the Blue Ridge area of Botetourt County
and my home was very near the Blue Ridge Parkway.  
Throughout my life I have spent many many
Happy hours hiking, biking, and driving the Parkway.
My wife and I have driven every mile of the Blue Ridge
Parkway and Shenandoah Drive north of the Parkway.

With my love of photography, I spend countless hours
around the Peaks of Otter and sunrise is a favorite time.  
On this particular day, there was a bit of clouds behind
the Peaks to make the sky light up as it does at
no other time than sunrise.  I have also photographed
full moons rising over the Peaks and illuminating Goose
Creek Valley Below.  A truly spectacular place to hang
out on the Parkway.
Another photography love is black and white printing.  Some folks love black and white
and others go “really?”, but some photos are made to be done in black and white.  

Sometimes, I like to leave one tiny area of color in the photo just to catch the viewers eye.

Finally, getting in really close to photograph a child or a puppy or kitten is special.  They
have such expression and feeling and it usually is there on their face so that makes a
wonderful photograph.
I am a landscape photographer primarily
with a second love of photographing
children and animals, particularly young
animals.  Having grown up in Botetourt
County and now living on a farm in
Botetourt, I have an ample amount of
landscape to photograph.  I also love to
travel and my photography reflects that.
In His Own Words
As to the types of exhibition of the photography, I am currently
exhibiting photographs at Gallery by the James that are printed
directly on specially treated aluminum sheets.  These mounted
Photographs look spectacular on a wall without matting and
framing and seem to have a backlit appearance due to the
properties of the treated aluminum sheets so they almost glow
from behind.  They also can be touched with dirty fingers and
washed with soap and water and are relatively scratch proof.  
One has to see these unmounted photos to believe their
Sunrise over the Peaks of Otter:
Sycamore Balls with Snow Hats
Thunder on the Blue Ridge
A Few Final Thoughts
Stop by the gallery to see Dan's work, and visit his web site.