Hazel D. Bowers
Acrylics, Watercolors
Working mostly with acrylics (but
she has been known to create
using watercolors) Hazel captures
landscapes, wildlife, and barns,
enhancing the flavor of her work
by often painting on slate, wood,
driftwood, and small tables.  
Images of everyday life appearing
on everyday materials is testament
to the works authenticity
Rural Americana
A kind of throw-back to memories of apple
butter and freshly mowed hay, crisp autumn
air, and columns of white smoke rising from
the chimneys of every neighbor’s house,
Hazel’s paintings evoke memories of rural
life in a time once lived when hard work and
getting by was the order of the day.
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Hazel Deeds Bowers grew up in Buchanan Virginia and for as long
as she can recall, drew and sketched at every chance.  She took
art classes and worked on various art projects all through school
and studied art, participating in many workshops before taking
classes at the Firehouse School of Art in Clifton Forge. She joined
Gallery by the James in 2009 after retiring from Columbia Gas
Transmission with 29 years of service.  
Koi on Driftwood
Slate Painting
One of the most popular forms for
expressing whimsical folk art or
Americana, paintings done on slate
are sought after items.  
There is a quaintness about slate paintings that
people find pleasing to look at and own.  These
can take many shapes and, when sealed against
the weather, can be used outside.

Stop by the gallery and see many of Hazel's
charming and detailed slate paintings on display.
About the Artist
Plump Pumpkin Patch Paintings Positively Perfect
Whether they crop up on slabs of cherry
wood or cover the tops of tables, Hazel's
pumpkins are positively plump and perfect.
Hazel at Work
Fun Strokes Painting Classes
Gallery by the James offers classes and
Hazel's are always popular.  She takes
time with each student to share
techniques for creating and everyone
always has a great time.

Contact the gallery for our current
classes schedule.  You'll be glad you did.
Fun Strokes: Painting on Glass