Jessie Burton
Original Watercolors,
Acrylics, Varied Media
Jessie Stull Burton is a Buchanan
native who has always been
interested in art.  She enjoys the
Merriam-Webster defines the word illusionism as the use of artistic
techniques to create the illusion of reality, especially in a work of art.

This is exactly what you see after careful study of Jessie Burton's
peacock feather. Titled, Eye of the Beholder, you must give this work
a careful study or else you will be fooled.  

If you casually walk past it, you think you see a mounted peacock
feather.  When you stop in front of it and linger a bit, you still believe
you're seeing a mounted feather, but now you begin to cock your
head from side to side because you're not really sure.  

It's only when you get up as close as your eyes will allow you to
focus that you slowly realize you are viewing a genuine work of

It's magical!
Eye of the Beholder
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creation process.   

A graduate of James River High School and Emory & Henry
College, Jessie has a B.A. in Sociology and English, and her
formal training in art consists of such varied classes as
woodcut and linoleum printing, plus drawing and watercolor.  
Meet Jessie Stull Burton
She particularly enjoys using watercolor and water media to
create her work, but likes taking classes in a variety of media
and techniques to help keep project ideas flowing.  Jessie Stull
Burton is a charter member of Gallery by the James.
Come visit all of Jessie
Burton's work inside the
gallery.  There you will
see these stunning
originals and more, as
well as her many prints
and note cards.
Come see all of Jessie's colorful and
creative originals, prints, and cards.