Susan McLaren

Watercolor Painting, Illustrating

Susan McLaren joined our gallery in May 2019. Susan lives in Roanoke, VA and is a wonderful addition to our gallery! Susan's work has a clear, crisp, vividness that is difficult to achieve in watercolor. She's a master at producing works that make you stop and take a long look at the amazing depth and accuracy of her paintings. Susan began exploring art in high school, painting oils and acrylics, and was awarded placement in several juried exhibits. Her primary focus, however, for many years was her career as a registered nurse and her first love of music. After experiencing sudden adult onset hearing loss which impacted her career and her music, she rediscovered the joy of creating art using the medium of watercolors! She loves what she is doing and it shows in her work! She has taken numerous classes in watercolors, as well as pencil, pen and ink and acrylics with various artists including Artists on the Depot Studios in the Electric Company in Bedford, VA and The Studio School in Roanoke. She has illustrated a children's book and is inspired by the experience to seriously pursue creating art in this elusive and challenging medium.